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Back To Goa - Cosmic Take Off (Rowan Elf)

Back to Goa continues…….the relaunch mix after a huuuuge break comes courtesy of the legendary and much loved Rowan Elf.  The Elf's first mix was a massive hit with the listeners and expect no less from this latest offering…tapping into Rowan's renewed psychedelic spring.  Rowan has a big and busy gig schedule ahead….check his webspaces for details!

Welcome back and peace to all!


1. Cosmos vibration - The eye of gaia
2. Interconnekted - Musical meditation
3. Digicult - Moksha medicine
4. Interconnekted - Holy moment
5. Ajja - Sidewinder
6. Darkshire - Liquid kick in
7. Tookytooky - Illusion world
8. Ajja - Rude alert
9. Darkshire - Haarp
10. Beardy weardy - Easy tiger
11. Darkshire and detonator - Transition
12. Ajja - surge
13. Torch - October fairy
14. Ajja - Bayaya
15. Electrypnose - Bubbling numbers
16. Ajja - Special delivery
17. Outstanding nerd - Dancing with the spirits
18. Nicrophorus - Anna's travels on a cloud
19. Gain reduction - Shopsky


Rowan Elf has been DJ ing, creating decor, and organising events since 2003. Playing various styles; Night time psychedelic, Daytime tribal full on, Progressive and Upbeat chillout, always psychedelic and always keeping the energy spinning on the dance floor!! His mixing style has been described as very powerful, energetic and flowing, giving full power shamanic energy to the ritual !!

He has played out mainly in Scotland, where he is part of Planet Monkey Events, promoting psychedelic music, shamanic rituals, active meditations, and visionary art.  Rowan is a resident at Cosmic.


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  • Really a beautiful mix.....Boom!!!!!!!

    posted by: Smoking Shiva on 2013-03-25 21:57:03

  • Nice one....BoooM!!!!!!!!

    posted by: Bishal on 2013-03-25 21:14:49

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