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Back To Goa - minosK (Psychedelicious)

It really is BACK TO GOA!  The relaunch!  minos K spins, teases, chops then kidney punches out a mix of dense thicket like pyschedelic prog recently pumped out at Aberdeen's foremost psychedelic trance night - Psychedelicious!

minosK hails from Cyprus and has a ton of experience playing in clubs across Europe and within the UK.  Check out his soundcloud space and bio below.  Peace love and welcome back! Aurora  x x


1. Gyrro - Zrkadlenie Duse

2. DoHm - As Giliame Sapne

3. Multiman - Olé

4. Existence vs Braincell - Distant Galaxies

5. The Antiker - Pills

6. Leenuz - Somntuta

7. Space Vision - Metal Tear

8. Xpiral - Mystery Asking Us

9. Space Vision Vs. Materia - Sonic Wave

10. Minimal Criminal - Mary Poppin' Pills


DJ's Bio:

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent" Victor Hugo

Hailing from the sunny island of Cyprus, I've performed and held various residencies there spinning underground beats at legendary establishments such as Versus, Klub D, Scarabeo, Square and Ballistic (where it all began!).

Whilst residing in the U.K for the past decade, I've performed in London, Manchester and Bristol and also completed a masters and doctorate in Neuroscience.

Currently, I hold a residency at Psychedelicious in Aberdeen and perform various events around Scotland.

My aim is simple: to fully immerse you in a sonic please playback and enjoy these recordings through as high fidelity and loud a soundsystem as possible ॐ

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