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'Back To Goa' has been broadcasting since 2008 - its unique continuous mixes showcasing the best new progressive, psybient, dark and full-on psychedelic music. Growing from a small following to well over 5000 subscribers per month spanning over 150 nation states - the show truly reaches the global psy community.

The mission is simple: to promote psychedelic music and culture, encouraging established and new DJs to showcase their energies and talent to a large global audience.

A big thank you to our contributors and listeners who bless us each month with their wonderful mixes and kind words of support and gratitude. To connect with the show and for more details on upcoming mixes please visit our facebook:

This month, a special mix and a special reqest for the listeners of Back To Goa.  Presenting his third mix for the show, Dark El Kante (Jorge Bazán) brings you a fresh and funky mix of freeform Suomisaundi psy-trance.     


But this month we also ask your support for Dark El Kante's benefit project, Indigenous-sos.  Launching a 3xCD release, Jorge's new label 'Random records' presents this non-profit making benefit project created by artists who've donated their tracks for free to help some of the indigenous people of Colombia, the Cofanes.


Please visist the site below and if you can afford to, buy this fantastic CD in the knowledge that all profit is going towards securing land for Cofanes, who's ancestral homelands have been polluted by pesticides and the drilling of international oil companies.


Please find more details on the project here:


Thanks for your support and solidarity :)


Meanwhile here's the track listing for the mix:   


1-Talpa - Little pink elephants

2-Pinperknuckle - Caliente dude triple A

3-Freeform Human - Bonus level

4-Self Existence - Monkey phonics

5-Texas Faggott - Polina in the fog

6-Sienis - Tinklebell of the Untinkable

7-Oxya - Fake square

8-Crazy Ducks - Ducks on Mars

9-Sattle Battle - 2 step chase (Live @ Halu Club)

10-Neuron Compost - Meat nectar

11-Neuron Compost - Sonic sodomy (Sattel Battle mix)

12-Decibel - Mirror ball suit

13-Igor Swamp - Uuttamatookoukkuu

14-Special Blend - Probability vs Possibility

15-Crazy Ducks - Snipik

16-Crazy Ducks - King Quaquack

17-Sattel Battle - Simplicity (part 3)

18-Talpa - Moronic Evil rmx


peace and pos vibes, Aurora


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