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An exclusive and extended mix for the show from the London based psy-gressive duo Kained & Able.  These guys have been tearing up the party scene in London and beyond with their live sets and cross-dressing antics :)  They bring a really fresh sound to the scene - serving up a potent blend of twisted psy, dark tech and thick progressive beats!        


Track listing:


Merkaba- The Thirteenth Step (The Thirteenth Step EP, Zenon Records)

Sensient- Dusty Circuit (Antifluoro, Zenon Records)

Grouch- The Moof is Rooving (The Moof is Rooving, A List Records)

Grouch- Concentrated Weaponry (VA Geek Mythology, Cosmic Conspiracy Records)

Grouch The Moof is Rooving (Radioactive Cake Rmx) (unreleased)

Sensient- Motion Perception (Antifluoro, Zenon Records)

Grouch- Pyramid Scheme (VA Tall Poppy Syndrome, Cosmic Conspiracy Records)

Sensient- Tropicana (Pressure Optimal, Zenon Records)

Bufo vs Hedonix- How much for the Beaver (VA Borrowed Time, Electric Power Pole Records)

Radioactive Cake- Fashion Queen (unreleased, coming soon VA Low Frequency Oscillators, Arkona Creation Records)

Psypox- Diesel Donkey (VA The Lurker, Cosmic Conspiracy Records)

Psypox- Nintendo Nitten (unreleased, coming soon VA Low Frequency Oscillators, Arkona Creation Records)


Artists own bio:


Kained & Able is the London based project of Steven Johnson and Nolan Luijten. Having met at a party in 2007, they bonded over a shared vision in progressive Psy and a fetish for cross-dressing. They went on to form the Kained & Able project in 2008 and have spent the past year refining and performing their underground blend of psychedelic trance across the UK and beyond. With a primary focus on heavy proggy beats, twisted sound design and hands on live performance, their taste for a minimal and darker form of progressive Psytrance has led them to become a regular feature in the London scene. Over the next year the focus for the duo will include various releases on a few up and coming labels and an EP due out later in the year whilst looking to continue and expand their performances across the UK and Europe.

Kained & Able are also part of the Arkona Creation label:


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