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The mission is simple: to promote psychedelic music and culture, encouraging established and new DJs to showcase their energies and talent to a large global audience.

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Back To Goa presents another bonus set from a great DJ/producer, Radioactive Cake. This set is a real dark and twisted treat, traversing everything from minmal glitchy psy to dark hypnotic prog. Enjoy!

Artist's own bio:

Radioactive.Cake, real name Robert Hundt, is a Berlin based producer of intelligent psygressive trance music with a touch of wilderness, dark fx and a carrot...from outer space! He produces a more minimal and darker form of progressive psytrance.

The Cake's intention is to surpass boundaries and establish a sound that is different from what is heard all too often.

His first musical steps were taken in 1999 when discovering the software "Audiomulch" and learning about structure and composition of electronic sounds, effects and track arrangements. But the Cake's knowledge and studio equipment took a continual advancement and will continue to do so. Robert is not only producing music, he also plays livesets and mixes music as dj, and has done so for over 8 years now.

"Boogie Beats UK"
"Funtazula Net UK/Israel"
"Prog On Syndicate Berlin""

Track Listing:

#1 "Merkaba - Thirteenth Step"
#2 "Sensient - Chambers"
#3 "One Tasty Morsel - Holdit"
#4 "Minimal Criminal & Krumelur - Reefer and Barbecue"
#5 "Shadow FX - Dr. Elephant"
#6 "Phat Kontrollerz - C1"
#7 "Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics"
#8 "Autonomech - Forest"
#9 "Hypogeo - Global Noose"
#10 "Tristan Boyle - Into My Spiral Arms"

IF you're a DJ/producer/promoter with a passion for the psytrance scene and have a killer mix please contact AURORA at or leave a message at Back To Goa's portal

peace, Aurora

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