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On this weeks show a dark psygressive mix from Marcus Sevilhano from Sao Paulo, Brazil, aka DJ Sevillian.  Beginning with a dark house vibe Sevillian's set soon descendes into twisted psygressive and minimal trance.  Sevillian is busy developing his Dharana live project, DJing and producing his own stye of darker psygressive trance.  Enjoy the mix :)


Track listing:


01 - Xanoscapes - Sky of Fire

02 - Motive - Bust It

03 - Sensient - Northern Lights 

04 - One Tasty Morsel - Psychonautical Engeneering 

05 - Phasetec - NN

06 - Sensient - Black Slapper

07 - Hypogeo - SeXes

08 - Bufo - Doing Kormit

09 - Sensient - Madman`s Playroom


Artist's own bio:


Sevillian is a DJ and Producer since 2002. Acctually focused on his progressive dark project called Dharana, Sevillian have as his main influences from projects like Sensient, Grouch, Autonomech, One Tasty Morsel, Psypox, Bufo and Tetrameth. All this information combined gave him a huge musical background for his own tracks. As Dj Sevillian always keep the night groove alive in his sets. Heavy bass lines, deep and psychedelic atmospheres flowing all over the set, new tracks or old, doesn`t matter… What really matter is being psychedelic.


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