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'Back To Goa' has been broadcasting since 2008 - its unique continuous mixes showcasing the best new progressive, psybient, dark and full-on psychedelic music. Growing from a small following to well over 5000 subscribers per month spanning over 150 nation states - the show truly reaches the global psy community.

The mission is simple: to promote psychedelic music and culture, encouraging established and new DJs to showcase their energies and talent to a large global audience.

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Hailing from the magical lands of Kathmandu in Nepal we bring you the hypnotic sounds of DJ Smoking Shiva (Bishal Gurung).  Bishal's journey into the realms of psy began with a meeting with the grand master of psychedelic trance, Goa Gil and his wife Ariane.  Since then Bishal has turned his creative energies into the promotion of psychedelic parties in his native Nepal,  alternative philosophies, music production and of course Djing - at all times spreading his own personal message of living with the free will of existence!

Track List:

1) Peace-Ka : Bouncexcort
2) Mukti : Monoblock
3) Mergel : Dead Talk
4) Suspiria : Aberrations of Consciousness
5) Tsabeat : Deep Switch
6) Hydro Panic : Chapori
7) Fxor : I'm a Monster too
8) Retohmorgon : Kongeegens Might
9) Ploux : Quasar
10) Haunted Castle : DaFtenized

Artists bio:

A Project Headed towards Infinity all are welcome to join......The project is Bishal a.k.a Satish and his wife Susan supported by all of their friends and family From the outskirts of Kathmandu valley ...a little hilltop town called Kirtipur in NEPAL " The land of mystics". After his Lucid Sonic Hyper Dimensional meetings with the techno shaman Goa Gil and his wife Ariane his whole life took on a new meaning and a new found glory of living to the will of Existence. Heavily into the Dark side of the musical Realm exploring different dimension of Death metal and the likes he played with various local Metal bands as vocalist and guitarist from the early nineties and literally lived the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle and survived. After his Cosmic Dance with the Ferocious DArk Deities he got his showering of liquid ecstasy and visions for his Project "Smoking Shiva". His Ultimate Sacrifice for Un-sanity(Beyond Sanity) was the consumption of 159 pieces of local road side Belladum seeds which took him to the Baba Koteshwor Mahadev. He is crazy as hell and his frequency from the Dark side of the Existence provokes the hidden energy from the Kunda within all living beings giving U the Ultimate Reality Check. 
He may not be your so called technically Proficient Dj or producer but he believes his Craft to be not that of practice but that of letting go and letting the Spirit take over and merging the unconcious of his fellow Humans with the Void from where all life seems to Manifest.

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Back To Goa - WickedBrain

This months mix is an extended progressive set from Berlin's Raviv (aka WickedBrain and Goaviv).  Raviv has been Djing since 1997 having played out across Europe and India (of special note amongst the sacred ruins at Hampi), and now produces his own material.  This mix is recorded from a live set he played at a private party.  Enjoy :)

1) Dikster – Zuffle Shuffle

2) No name

3) Suntree – Back to the Source

4) Ritmo vs. Suntree – Privat

5) Ace Ventura – Privat

6) Mute vs. Ritmo – Privat

7) Rifree – Privat

8) Audio Load – Privat

9) Fearsome Engine – The Path

10)  Zen Mechanics - Privat

11)  I Drop - Unrls

12)  Loughing Buddha – Privat

13)  Loughing Buddha – Privat

14)  Nitro – Freqlife

15)  I Drop – Unrls

16)  I Drop – Unrls

17)  Burn in Noise vs. Dickster – Induced

18)  Privat

19)  Privat


Artist's own bio:

'Raviv aka WickedBrain aka Goaviv is Playing music allready 30 years. Around 1993 he came across the Techno scene and got himself infected....1995(it took him so long to find the right music ) first gig as PsyTrance DJ (Goaviv). 4 years later he start producing his own music. A member of the PlayGround ev. (lava 303).Played as DJ (PsyTrance, Progressive & ChillOut ) all over Germany,India (Goa , Hampy),Kosova,Croatia,Switzerland & Spain (Ibiza & Barcelona).

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