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A psy mashup set of sorts….ethereal, rollicking and spacey trance weaved together with cleaner club sounding psy-tech goes someway to describing this superb set from Marciana (Back To Mars).  Marciana is originally from Brazil but has been resident in Amsterdam since the 90s, where she stayed in the ELF community soon after arriving.  Here she made her creative contacts including the infamous '9 lives of Hofmann' crew who she later teamed up with, investing her time and music energy into building that part of the Dam's psychedelic scene, all the while honing her skills as an international DJ. 

Since then Marciana has performed across Europe and recently taken pen to paper, sharing her perspectives on Amsterdam's psychedelic scene in 'Psychedelic Traveller 'magazine.  Links can be found on her website.  Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the set :)


  • 1. Dohm "Lonely Creatures" Mighty Queen Records
2. Peace Data "Dancing Revolution" - Arkona Creation 

  • 3. Galactic Monkey "Ticket to Fresno" - Catawampus Records 

  • 4. Ozmali "Petite Chevre" - Ozmali Records 

  • 5. Gido "Grasas (Gaiana Rmx)" - Blue Hour Sounds 

  • 6. REV & Illegal Machines "Fringy Take Away" - Bom Shanka Music 

  • 7. Audiosex "Dollar Galaxy" - Adx Records 

  • 8. Red "Audio Drama" - Mighty Queen Records
9. Bon "Welcome to my Computer" - Pixan Records

Artist's own bio:

Born in Brazil, Back to Mars (Marciana) has been living in Europe for a very long time. Psytrance got into her life right after she arrived in Amsterdam in the late 90's and went to live in the ELF, a big squat that housed a community of many artists, musicians, DJs, producers, painters, shamans and freaks.

It was in 2001 that DJ'ing became a part of her, when she started helping with building and playing at the parties from 9 Lives of Hofmann, an underground Psytrance crew from Amsterdam and she has since grown into a versatile DJ.
Her style is either Minimal Progressive Psytrance (Zenonesque) or Dark Psytrance and often she likes mixing them to create a journey, so she enjoys the freedom of doing that which fits the time and suits the place.
In Amsterdam, she also plays Deep House, Lounge, World music and Tech House in lounge bars.

She has performed in Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.
Back to Mars also writes for the Psychedelic Traveller (the magazine that specializes in global psychedelic trance), bringing out the article about Psytrance in The Netherlands. You can find a link for these articles clicking on "links".
She has recently been invited by the Australians Hedonix to represent their label, Electric Power Pole Records, which concentrates in groovy and deep Progressive Psytrance.

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Back To Goa - Sleep Paralysis (Live Closing Set)

Sleep Paralysis is Giorgos Mitropapas, a psytrance DJ and producer from Greece, now resident at Edinburgh's foremost and longest running psytrance night, Cosmic!   As well as DJ'ing and making tunes, Giorgos is a web and graphic designer, and even finds time to make helpful music production tutorials online.  This is a live recording of a stomping closing set he performed at Cosmic's 5th anniversary last October.  Enjoy :)

Track listing: 

01: Terrafractyl - Chrysalis
02: Terrafractyl Vs QuenchWinter - Winter
03: Voice Of Cod & Tron - Compound Sound
04: Terrafractyl - Freaky Fungus
05: Hallucinogen - Shabby Trance
06: Sonic Tickle - Strange Conversation
07: Trold - Co Creation
08: Master Blasters - Snow Job (Original)
09: Tristan Boyle - Softy
10: Pogo & Lucas - Space Cake (Original Mix)
11: Laughing Buddha - Sacred Technology Original Mix

Artist's own bio:

Sleep Paralysis is Giorgos Mitropapas, a Greek electronic music composer and DJ based in Edinburgh. He always had a passion for music in general, mostly rock and metal in his early days. He  started getting involved into electronic music during his studies in the UK, around 1995. He was exposed to artists like Ozric Tentacles, Shpongled, Hallucinogen, and a whole other artists influenced by the psychedelic and dance wave . In about 2005 he got seriously involved into electronic music production and started learning various music software with an intent to create original and expressive  electronic music that satisfied his need for personal expression. He is part of the Planet Monkey collective (  that run the Cosmic psychedelic  trance club night in Edinburgh for a few years now. He also runs an educational website  related to music and audio production called  Audio Tutorial Videos ( a site that has proved really helpful for a lot of artists and people starting their career in music production.  Giorgos is also involved in graphic & web design (  His artist web site ( contains music that he has produced along with various music production tutorials.

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