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Back To Goa - Aramaiti

Continuing Back To Goa's journey through the artists and DJs of psychedelic Scotland we present a lively and creative mix from Aramaiti.  Aramaiti is Stephen Fraser, a passionate music promoter and DJ who continues to energise the music scene in his beloved Stonehaven and the north east of Scotland.  Stephen has bravely experimented and networked to bring some unique festival and club experiences to this part of the world, as well as supporting others in their own creative endevours. 

His mix has an old world Goa and Euro atmosphere, escewing the established doctrine of beat matched progression and instead concentrating on building atmosphere and melodic intensity.  Enjoy.


1 Resurrect - TDR

2 Triptonite - Ethnica ( Plieadian's live mix )

3 Limbo - 3D Ghost

4 Spiritualisation - TDR

5 Yamantaka - PharaOhm

6 Arcadia Magik - Prometheus 

7 Apostles of the Universe - TDR

8 Delphic Haze - Anakoluth

9 Stream of Life - Ethereal


Artist's Bio:

Stephen Fraser (Aramaiti)I am 32, I was born in Glasgow and moved to Stonehaven at the age of 11 where I lived up until 2012 when I moved to the village of Auchenblae in the foothills of the Grampian mountains. I have been blessed with a 3 year son called Elijah. I became part of Stonehaven's underground and alternative music scene when I was 18 playing instrumental music  and Djing. The musical movement in Stonehaven and the north east of of Scotland is starting to come into it's own currently and I am very privileged to be a part of it's flowering. I play downtempo, progressive psytrance and goa trance and love the culture and it's heritage in the far and middle east. So at the moment I am playing for friends and recently getting involved in the Scottish psytrance scene thanks to some of it's great promoters. My heart lives in the natural world and playing music to the trees, plants and animal's is also a great privilege. Namaste friends and blessings for the journey.

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