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This months guest mix comes from DJ Nitin.  Nitin is based in Edinburgh but originally hails from India.  Nitin has travelled and DJ'd extensively within his own country - including Goa - and is now playing in clubs and outdoor parties across Scotland.

Track listing:

The Prayer :- Electric universe

Chocolate Blanket :- Hypernoise and Dual Logic

Who U R :- Twina vs Synsun vs Elik

Breath :- Pop stream

wake up :- Ovnimoon

Metalizer :- Space Cat

Ferbistein :-Ferbi Boys

Legendary Lighting :- SpaceBuddha

Pure Opium :- Opium for the masses

Phaze Off :- Xerox and Illumination

FollowMe :- Sesto Sento

No dance :- Xteam

Fly On :- Systemic

Deep Space Logic :-Sine Die

Fragile Mind :- Cyber Cartel


Artist's Bio:  

Hi My name is Nitin and I am originally from India currently residing in Edinburgh. The music I get drawn to has to have a melodic touch to it although I am not opposed to the idea of playing other stuff. This is well highlighted in almost all of my musical endeavours.  I have been Djing on and off for the past 6 years .

I can dj any genre of music but psytrance is where the heart is. The sets I make speak loads and have a theme and purpose behind them. I like doing long outdoor sets...:-).....I am into music production as well and am currently working on innovative ideas to create new sounds.  Apart from that I am an Engineer and currently doing a MSc in Digital composition and performance at the University of Edinburgh. 

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