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Back To Goa - Kalilaskov AS

This month we bring you a chaotic mix of psycore stoked with atomic energy!   Introducing Kalilaskov AS (or Vadim Cherkashin to his friends).  Kalilaskov means 'the kind one' in Belorussian and the AS stands for Atomic Station.  Why, you may ask?

Well, Vadim is a survivor of the devastation wrought by the nuclear meltdown at the Chernobyl reactor in the former USSR, living very close to the disaster as it happened.  Soon after the catastrophe Vadim and his family moved to Israel where he first got exposure to the psytrance scene, and where his new friends dubbed him 'the kind one'!  

As far as his music life goes Vadim has produced his own material from the word go, first under the french Nabi records label and now with Blittz Studios, where he's contracted to make his first full solo album very soon.

Enjoy the mix and your new year festivities when they come :)  Peace and pos vibes for 2012 from the show!    

Track listing with artist links:

01) Extraterrestrial - Binary System 154 bpm W&P By Dor Abargil, Israel
02) Terratech - Time Traveller 154 bpm, W&P by Igor João (MicroShip Studios), Portugal
03) Baphomet Engine - Fill this shit of vibe 150 bpm W&P by Fábio and Tiago Siqueira , Brazil
04) Noise Gust - Fluffy Air 154 bpm W&P by Kagetoshi Nakamura, Japan
05) Elepsy - You are trippin 158 bpm W&P by Gökel - David Vlad, Romania
06) Kalilaskov As & Dekhat- Bhuli - Glowing in the Dark 152Bpm, W&P by Vadim Cherkasin & Dekhat-Bhuli aka Nuno (Pt) and Mara (Spa), Israel/Europe
07) DeMeNtIa - Confssions 155 bpm, W&P by Beito Dementia, Mexico
08) Rawar - skeletons in the closet 156 bpms w&p by Helder Amaral @ rawar studio Portugal 2011
09) Khaos Sektor-Hellworld (Silent Horror rmx) 150 bpm, W&P by Jigar Shah, India
10) Sanathana - Pachamama's Embrace 160 bpm, W&P by Swaroop Guhathakurta, India/ UAE

Artist's own bio:

Kalilaskov AS is Vadim Cherkashin. He was born in the USSR near Chernobyl and after the infamous atomic disaster in the region he moved to Israel with his family.
Now live in Germany - Berlin.
In Israel Vadim fell in love with psychedelic trance and eventually decided to pursue his own solo project. Around the same time the nickname Kalilaskov first appeared. Initially it was only a name used by Vadim's close friends to address him (translated as "the kind one" from Belorussian). But later Vadim adopted this name as his permanent alias and added AS to it, which stands for Atomic Station. Thereby Kalilaskov AS was officially born.
It did not take long for the global psytrance community to take notice of the young musician and his unique music. The very first release came out on the French Nabi Records and after that multiple compilation releases followed on some of the best labels in the world.
Kalilaskov's best of came out in 2008 on Digital Drugs Coalition under the title "Killas" and incorporated Vadim's most renowned compilation tracks. Today Kalilaskov AS is signed to the world famous Russian-Australian giant Blitz Studios and his first full length solo album is to come out very soon!!!
At present Kalilaskov AS is playing all over the world at various indoor and outdoor events, club parties and festivals! Catch him near you :)

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