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Back To Goa - Kameleon (Pangea festival live)

Creative, DJ, and label owner Matt Bryson (Kameleon) joins the show a second time with a punching yet meditative psytrance mix he performed live at Pangea production's fourth annual 'Festival of Life'  near Greenville, South Carolina.  Originally from Constantinople, Kameleon is motivated by the spiritual side of music, always with a desire to reach out and touch new people with the mysterious sounds of psychedelic music.

Track list:

  1. Imaginary Sight - Outhere
Overdream- The First Initiation 

  3. Dissociactive - Meteor Rain 

  4. Ajja - Believer 

  5. Ocelot - Nebuloso (remix) 

  6. Samadhi - Shamanica 

  7. Assault Junkies - Freakhunter 

  8. Bodhisattva - General Relativity 

  9. Para Halu - Big trees walk old trees talk (pt. 2) 

  10. Peace Ka - Interplanetary Contact

Artist's bio:

Kameleon is a disciple of the Grand Master Kri.
Kameleon hails from the land of Pangea. Being very versatile he has been fortunate enough to play with many great artist and djs around the globe including Solead, Shotu, Artifakt, Scorb, Random, D sens, Naked Tourist, Mubali, Kri, BSM, Pena, Prime Time, Ajja, Dragon, Primordial Ooze plus lots more. He is a very devoted dj in the purest sense; spending ample time concocting and preparing each mix for each time and location. Kameleon’s highly intricate and high energy sets have helped earn him a place among the top psy slingers in the southeast. He is also the co-founder of the acclaimed label Pure Perception Records releasing highly intelligent and mysterious psychedelic sounds to the world, and Pangea Productions helping throw some of the most memorable nights around these parts.
He also has 2 radio shows on both are now featured on the 2nd Friday of each month. 1st the progressive show ‘Sound Ascension’; airs at 2pm US eastern, our next show ‘Initiation into our Tribe’ on the psy/goa channel airs at 4pm US eastern, back to back. Both shows feature some amazing guest from all over the world and especially from our label Pure Perception Records.
Peace – Kameleon aka Matt Bryson

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