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Back To Goa - Pappe (Fairytales for Potheads and Acidlovers)

'The perfect track at the perfect time' is the guiding orthodoxy of Dj Pappe (Rene Pape from northern Germany).  At 34 years of age Pappe is well established in the psychedelic scene having played his first gig at Ganesh tribe in 1999.  Since then he's held club residencies and dabbled in party and festival promotion.  Pappe has also lived through the DJ technology cycle having started on vinyl before progressing through CDJ and finally onto digital platforms.

In this mix Pappe conjures up a bubbling set of laid-back and groovy psygressive trance.  Turn up the PA and enjoy :) 

Track list:
1  minimal criminal -reefer barbeque 2 (bad weed)
2  brujo`s bowl-do it...get high
3  flooting grooves- naked dancers of ra
4  mr squatch & grouch - lost in the forest
5  grouch- deeper
6  product placement - solitude
7  slytrance - life blossoms
8  dopped - accesing
9  sonic tickle - strange conversation
10  hedonix & bufo - how much for the beaver
11  slytrance - chugganaut

Artist's own bio: 

Pappe (Rene Pape) is 34 Years old and comes from the north part of Germany. His interest in DJìng started in the mid 90`s,where he encounted with the young Technoscene. Pappe`s first official gig took place at the Ganesh Tribe in 1999. He started to mix with Vinyl and later changed to Cd and Laptop. From 2004-2010 he was resident DJ at the "Rappelkiste" and "Teonanacatl" Party`s in the Alhambra wich is located in Oldenburg. At the same time he started an own Party -Projekt "SUB" and organiized many Party`s and small Festival`s in nothern Germany. During this time he learned a lot of DJìng and how to use tracks as a tool to guide people to a Psychedelic Experience. His Focus was always: to bring it forward,entertain himself and the people and let it flow, to find the moment where is every track the perfect track to the perfect time..."Timelistening"

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